Review: LifeProof NÜÜD iPhone 7+ Case

Product Name: LifeProof NÜÜD case for iPhone 7+


Price: $99.99

(Candice is the only one who bought a LifeProof NÜÜD case, so this review is only from her experience with the product.)


  • Protection: It has been submerged on multiple lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. It has been dropped a couple of times and has been taken to dusty/dirty hiking trails. So far, with the LifeProof NÜÜD case, the iPhone still works!
  • User-friendliness: The case itself is easy to install, like any other two-piece case; with just a few snaps, it locks into place. The package also comes with a small plastic device used to open the case. Just wedge the plastic device on the slots on either side of the lower part of the case to snap the case open. However, before using the case, LifeProof recommends testing it first with the phone-shaped plastic also included. Testing instructions are provided, but basically,  the plastic dummy phone must be covered with the case and submerged in water for at least 30 minutes, then check if any water has gotten inside the case.
  • Appearance: There are a number of color options available. Although the case adds a bit more weight and bulkiness to the phone, it’s still sleek enough to use as an everyday case and not as rugged as other waterproof cases.
  • No screen cover: There is another NÜÜD case that comes with a glass covering for the screen. The screenless NÜÜD casing, however, eliminates the need to buy an entirely new case if the screen cover breaks or gets damaged. Not having another layer on top of the display just also seems more appealing for someone who edits photos and videos heavily on the phone.
  • Extras: The product comes with the plastic device used to free the phone from the case (as mentioned above) and a cleaning cloth. 


  • It doesn’t have the option to add a carabiner or wrist strap.
  • The fingerprint sensor/Home button is covered with a clear plastic sheet that still allows for fingerprint sensitivity. Although the sensor works perfectly fine even with the plastic cover, the plastic sheet does bubble up with air pockets.
  • The iPhone’s swipe-up menu is not as easy to pull up with the case covering part of the bottom margin of the screen, especially with the protrusion right above the Home button. The best way to pull up the bottom menu is to swipe up on the lower left or right of the screen, not in the middle above the Home button.
  • The volume and lock buttons are harder to press with the case. It’s not as easy to use the Volume Up button as a camera shutter.

OVERALLVery Good – Not having the ability to attach a carabiner or wrist strap is a downer, but it’s ability to protect the iPhone 7+ without compromising the iPhone’s features makes it a travel/adventure essential.

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