Who Are We?

Husband and wife who love to travel wherever and whenever possible.

Andrew & Candice

Welcome to Almost Spontaneous.

We named it such because Andrew enjoys spontaneous trips—from short local road trips to long international plane rides—while I, on the other hand, have to have some kind of plan when traveling (at least a place to stay). There was one time when I gave in to the all-spontaneous trip and ended up hiking up and down a hill and crossing a river wearing flip flops.

Other than planning, I’m also in-charge of storytelling through our blog and social media accounts. Andrew is usually in-charge of the exploration part of our trips—what actually happens during our trips—including doing most of the driving whenever we have to get in a car. (He enjoys the actual task of driving, whatever time of day.)

Most of our travels have been to the Philippines and to different states in the USA, but we want to expand our adventures to distant places in this blue planet. Why? Because we crave the beauty this world offers—in its people, food, and sights.

Like many wanderlusts, we do not have unlimited funds. We both have full-time jobs that require us to be physically present at work, but we do have the appetite for exploration. Because of our lifestyle, we have become avid fans of weekend travels, road trips, and microadventureswhether locally or beyond the Minnesota borders, and we strive to make the most of every free time we have on our calendars. However, we also do our best to fit in some travel for longer periods of time than a weekend.

Join us as we travel together, wherever.

-Candice & Andrew-

All the photos on our blog and social media accounts are our own, unless otherwise specified and credited.