Who Are We?

Welcome to Almost Spontaneous.

We usually have to make the most of our time when traveling, so we tend to sleep in between destinations, such as during train rides in Switzerland as pictured. (Photo by Nicole P.)

We named it such because the lifestyle we’ve chosen for ourselves has to be a healthy mix of foresight and spontaneity.

Like many wanderlusts, we have limited funds and full-time jobs that require us to be physically present at work, but we do have the appetite for travel, adventure, and exploration. We also believe that we need balance in our lives—having the means to be responsible members of society while having the ability to explore and enjoy what the world has to offer; in the words of Wiz Khalifa, “Work hard, play hard.” Because of this lifestyle, we have to have some foresight to strategically plan our trips and activities, but also have the flexibility to go on spur-of-the-moment adventures. So we have become avid fans of weekend travels, road trips, and microadventures, whether locally or beyond the Minnesota or U.S. borders, in the hopes of making the most of every free time we have on our calendars.

Other than doing most of the planning, I, Candice, am in-charge of storytelling through our blog and social media accounts. I am also an amateur photographer who loves to experiment, learn about the world, and tell stories with photography.  Andrew is usually in-charge of the exploration part of our itineraries—what actually happens during our trips—including doing most of the driving whenever we have to get in a car. (He enjoys the actual task of driving, whatever time of day.) He pushes me to be more adventurous and to welcome new experiences.

Most of our travels have been to the Philippines and to different states in the USA, but we want to expand our adventures to distant places in this blue planet. Our skills at finding the best weekend travel deals, even for international trips, have definitely improved since the day we consciously made a choice to travel more often. When we’re in our home-base of Minnesota, we also do our best to check-out as much of the state as we possibly could.

We hope to reach out to busy and rooted wanderlusts, explorers, and adventurers, especially those who feel that they do not have enough time to travel and enjoy life outside of work. We want to share our experiences, lifestyle hacks, tips and tricks, knowledge, and skills to assure other rooted wanderlusts that it is possible to explore without having to uproot your life.

Together, wherever,

-Candice & Andrew-


All the photos on our blog and social media accounts are our own, unless otherwise specified and credited.