Review: Airbnb in Tuffe, France

Rental Name: Chambre à Tuffé avec petit déjeuner

Rental Type: Private Room/s

Location: Tuffé, France



  • Amenities – The rooms and beds are spacious enough for two people in each room plus luggages, with windows offering amazing views of the night sky and the countryside. Towels, bed sheets, pillows, portable heaters, and wifi are also available. We asked if we could use their washer/dryer for laundry and the hosts taught us how to use the washer and dryer and told us that we could also hang our clothes to dry on the clothesline outside. The free breakfast was delicious and plenty, with a variety of breads, jams, and drinks. A parking spot for guests is also available on their driveway.
  • Hosts – Vaina is the host listed on the Airbnb page although it is her parents’ house. She is fairly fluent in conversational English, while her parents are not, so she stayed at the house all weekend to assist with communications. Though there was a bit of language barrier between us and Vaina’s parents, it did not hinder our interaction and our stay. All of the hosts were nice and hospitable, always greeted us with smiles and made sure we had everything we needed.
  • Location – The house is on top of a small hill surrounded by beautiful gardens with flowers, vegetables, and a few farm animals. The property is located in a quiet neighborhood. Since Tuffé is a small town, it’s a quick drive to the town’s center, though many of the local businesses close early. It is also about a 45-minute drive to Le Mans.
  • Accessibility – The hosts gave us a key and did not have any curfew restrictions, so it was perfect especially since we were there to attend a wedding with a party that lasted until late at night.


  • Shared bathroom – The shower room is separate from the toilet, which helps with efficiency, but because both are located on the main floor by the hosts’ rooms, it can be awkward to use the bathroom late at night when they are sound asleep.
  • Language barrier – It wasn’t too big of a deal for us because Vaina was there to help us communicate well with her parents. Also, we were eager to learn more of the language, so we didn’t mind the challenge. However, we are aware that it may be an issue for other travelers who do not speak French, especially if Vaina or any other interpreter is unavailable.

OVERALL: Very Good – As mentioned earlier, the language barrier was not a dealbreaker for us, but we acknowledge that it could be an issue for other travelers.


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