Review: Hydrapak Collapsible Water Bottle

Updated 05/07/18: Mold growth!

Product Name: Hydrapak Stash™ 1L


We usually bring water containers with us when we go for a quick walk, as an extra container when we hike and camp, or during flights (we fill them after going through security), among other occasions. We have always wanted water containers that aren’t too bulky to carry especially since we try to pack light as much as we can.


  • User-friendliness: We found it easy to expand and collapse after the first try. The cover is also a straightforward twist-off.
  • Storage: Because it collapses to a compact size, it has been easy for us to store it when we don’t have it filled. When it is filled, it’s just like any other 1L water bottle, so it fits in most backpack side pockets, although the first time we stuck it in our backpack side pockets, we were scared that it would get squished (it was fine).
  • Other
    • It stands upright when filled, compared to most foldable/collapsible reservoirs. We love our Camelbak and Platypus reservoirs, which we use for longer trips and when we know we’ll have our backpacks with us. However, for those times when we don’t want to carry a backpack around, it is a plus that we have a collapsible, compact water bottle that stays upright when needed.
    • Attached handle/strap – This is also a huge plus for us, especially for storage. We usually just attach carabiners to the straps attached to the bottles and hook them to the outside of our bags when they’re not filled. This saves even more space in our bags.
    • Cold or hot (according to the product’s specifications) – We’ve only tried filling them with cold or room temperature water, but the product website says that the bottles can be frozen or filled with hot water up to 140°F.
    • 100% BPA and PVC free (according to the product’s specifications)
    • Compatible with most backcountry filters (according to the product’s specifications)
  • Guarantee, Returns, and/or Exchanges: The product’s Beyond™ Lifetime Guarantee promises to repair or replace the item, no questions asked, if there are any issues with the materials or manufacturing of the product.


  • Multiple rinses/washes needed before initial use: We washed our bottles with dish soap and rinsed them thoroughly before initially using them. We noticed that the water we filled them with still had a distinct taste to it even after doing so. We washed, rinsed, and tasted the water a few more times before the taste totally went away.
  • Mold (updated 05/07/18) – Make sure that it is completely dry before storing, especially if storing in its collapsed position. The mold wasn’t visible in its collapsed position and only noticed the mold growth when we opened it up. 

OVERALL Good (revised from Excellent on 05/07/18) – We could tell the materials used were of high quality; the collapsible body of the bottle is thick and does not seem to be easily damaged. The pros definitely outweigh the only con we could think of with regards to this product. The mold growth is most likely user error, but the crevices created on the material due to its ability to be collapsed also make it a bit more difficult to completely dry.

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