Review: Airbnb Rental in Nassau, Bahamas

Rental Name: Kweku and Janay’s Sea Beach Hideaway

Rental Type: Airbnb, Private room with bathroom for two people

Location: Nassau, Bahamas


We were unsure at first about renting a room in a stranger’s house for a whole week. We’ve never done it before. However, since we had never been to Bahamas, we wanted to get local insights about the country and specifically, New Providence Island, which is where Nassau, the country’s capital, is located.


  • Price and Location: Kweku and Janay’s Sea Beach Hideaway is an inexpensive rental located west of Downtown Nassau, a few minutes outside the busy and crowded downtown party scene. It is about a two-minute walk to Bay Street, which is the main highway on the north side of New Providence Island that connects the east and west points of the island. Public transportation such as jitneys (collective buses) frequent this street, which is a very convenient method of traveling to and from downtown and all the public beaches and resorts along the way. It is also just a quick walk to a daiquiri stand on the side of the road overlooking the beautiful bay where locals and tourists often hangout. We often ended our nights there with a drink or two and a quick swim as we watched the sun set.
  • Hosts: Kweku and Janay were friendly and well-prepared hosts. They had a trip guide ready for us with a bunch of information about the neighborhood, tours, restaurants, and popular sights. They were welcoming hosts with a lot of information to share about The Bahamas. They answered all our questions whenever we had any, but they also gave us space to explore on our own or just hangout in the house.
  • Ambiance: The entire house is bright and tastefully decorated with local art hanging on the walls. The room is also just as bright, with the windows allowing the sun to shine through. It is also painted and decorated with the beach vibe in mind.
  • Amenities: Basic essentials, such as towels and toiletries were provided to us. Although the bathroom was outside the room, we were the only ones who used it since Kweku and Janay have their bathroom inside their room. We also had access to the kitchen, living room, washer/dryer, and the swimming pool.
  • Safety: The house has a security system in place and the neighborhood is a quiet residential area. We never felt unsafe while we were staying there for a week.
  • Extras: Their dog is so cute and we got a chance to taste the delicious cooking of Janay’s mom.

CONS: None

OVERALL: Excellent – We had a great time.

All opinions are our own. This is not a sponsored post.

Permission was granted by Kweku and Janay to use the photo featured on this post, which was originally posted on their Airbnb page. 

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